Airport Wildlife


Airport Wildlife





World-wide, bird and wildlife strikes cause billions of dollars in loss annually to aircraft operators. As the mitigation to reduce wildlife strikes continually advances, damage to aircraft and risk to passengers still exists.

As the responsibility of operating a safe environment continually increases for airport management, addressing wildlife risks in the critical phases of flight are essentials, and completing these tasks efficiently is the value that we add to your programs.


A critical part of developing a sound airport wildlife management plan is the identification of wildlife hazards both on and off the airport property. Knowing this, the airport can then proceed in establishing sound wildlife management procedures which minimized risk to aircraft operations and establish a safer operating environment consistent with your Safety Management System (SMS) Plan.

Our experienced wildlife professionals understand the requirements of airport operations with respect to wildlife management. We’ll help develop or enhance your programs to reduce wildlife strikes and the liabilities associated with them.

We do this by providing:

  • Off-site land use risk assessments
  • Interactive wildlife training programs
  • On-site services, either contracted or as required
  • Tenant structural exclusion
  • Stake holder coordination with off-site land owners
  • Science based approach which embraces the use of technology

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