Exclusion Services


Exclusion Services




Each site is unique, and our hazard assessments evaluate the local ecology which supports wildlife and the exposure to your commercial property site.

With our extensive experience, we can implement integrated controls which maintain a healthy balance with birds and wildlife which cross paths in our working environments. This helps you maintain a safe operating environment for your staff, customers, and general public, while keeping the wildlife in their natural habitats, not yours.

HEX Systems – High Elevation Exclusion

Our exclusion specialists go where the birds go, even on structures hundreds of feet up. Not only do we complete our guaranteed exclusion work at these elevations, but we do it without compromising safety or quality. Our HEX Tecs are thoroughly trained on fall arrest, fall prevention, and lifting device operations.

Structural Hazards

Birds and wildlife often find our structures suitable habitat for themselves. From perch points, to nesting and breeding spots, they not only contribute to unhealthy environments with dropping accumulation but can potentially cause significant structural damage. Both primary and secondary sources of structural damage, we will implement proven methods of control to resolve these issues and prevent further damage and significant costs.

Food Safety

Recognizing the importance of food safety standards in Canada, we evaluate food plant bird issues from a HACCP perspective. Immediate solutions are identified and implemented to ensure birds no longer cause a risk to people, products or property in this environment. All controls are compliant to plant GMPs and Safety policies.

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