Goose Management


Goose Management

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Conflicts with Canada Geese in urban environments has been on a steady increase since the mid ’90’s. These interactions with both large and small populations of geese have caused concern for municipal and private land owners alike. Our team includes Certified Goose Management professionals who can quickly asses and resolve your goose management issues.

Hazards associated with Geese activity:

  • Turf Damage (4lbs /goose /day)
  • Dropping Accumulation (2lbs/goose/day)
  • Aggressive Nesting Pairs
  • Hazard to Vehicular and Aircraft Traffic
  • Hazard and Injury to Geese
  • Damage Due to Dropping Staining
  • Slip Hazards on Accumulated Droppings
  • Health Issues Associated with E.coli in Droppings

Our Proven Integrated Solutions:

  • On Site Assessments
  • K-9 Service
  • Dusk – Dawn Laser Light
  • Egg & Nest Depredation
  • Habitat Modification
  • Relocation Services
  • Marine Application
  • LRAD Dispursement
  • Physical Exclusion

From lasers to relocation, our integrated approach turns the cost of goose management, into an investment.

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